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Ask Claire is written by Claire St. John, who is often compared with advice columnists like Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Miss Manners ... Abby, Ann Landers, Miss Manners, Esther Pauline, and ...

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Place the honeycomb under the chair Ask Manners Miss Bea to close her eyes, then quietly choose another child to tiptoe to the ...

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I didn't ask -- sometimes days after I didn't ask it." Miss Manners' inclination is to pour out ... population now has them). Naturally, Miss Manners demands that these items be ... Don't worry. -- it's fake!" Ask Miss Fromack! by Margie Fromack. (the one and only) Dear Miss Fromack: It will soon be Thanksgiving, and just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate. ... Everyone was so charmed by his good manners that, when I asked for him to have a seat next ...