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Take your team's phone manners up a notch through our 10 Steps to Telephone Excellence video program. VHS or interactive CD for only $169.

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Telephone Manners. Good phone manners are important both at work and at home. When you are on the phone with someone, your only interaction is verbal, so saying the right things is important to make the right impression.

  manners phone
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Mind your cell phone manners. Has this ever happened to you? You're in a meeting or working quietly in your cubicle, and out of nowhere you hear bells or classical music playing. ... No, you haven't started hearing things it's your neighbor's cell phone ringing. ... Wireless in the News. Ringing Up Better Cell Phone Manners. By Caroline Scarborough. Listen up, cell phone users, Sprint PCS and etiquette expert Judith Re have teamed up to deliver a message: mind your manners when using your phone in public.